A Global Consortium Working Toward Energy Sustainability
in Small Island Developing States

What's New at GSEII

Vision 20/30 Launched: Partnership for Island Economies... ARUBA ANNOUNCES ITS PLANS TO TRANSITION TO 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY

Vision 20/30: Sustainable Energy for Island Economies - Side Event at COP18

Vision 20/30: Sustainable Energy for Island Economies, as covered by ENB on the Side (ENBOTS)

The Climate Institute joins the United Nations Secretary-General's Sustainable Energy for All initiative

2012 Pacific Power Association 21st
Annual Conference Communiqué – Vanuatu

GSEII Newsletter:





Transitioning Small Island Developing States toward
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency



Toward energy independence, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and socio-economic development

The Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative was founded in 2000 to support those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change: Small Island Developing States. The consortium of international NGO's and multi-lateral institutions now works in 9 islands across the world on diverse projects.

GSEII sees opportunity in these islands threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions. GSEII's work to increase renewable energy and energy efficiency facilitates the transition away from fossil fuels and benefits the islands' economies and the environment. more

Map of GSEII Islands


Images of green energy sources